A hot, sexy bitch.
I love Douggy cause he's so delicious, Colin's friend is so conspicious.
by Skizz September 16, 2003
Top Definition
Acting both suspiciously and conspicuously at the same time.
That man selling drugs at the bus stop looks very conspicious.
by Rebecca September 10, 2003
Seeming to be very favourable towards a violation of good taste. A combination of auspicious and conspicuous.
I would like to thank everyone here for presenting me with this award on this most conspicious of occasions. If only you were all half again as intelligent as I believe you to be, you might be able to appreciate a word of what I'm saying. Excuse me while I drop my pants.

Going to the park today would be very conspicious indeed. I hear there will be many young women there. Bring the water cannon and loofas.
by Melaketh July 13, 2004
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