Consultants who sell their services to any taker for the right price. Usually with promises to customise specs based on their needs. Can also refer to a consulting company.

Can also be used as a verb.

To conslut: sell solutions that are usually cut and paste to as many companies as possible.
Ave: So what're you doing these days?
Ben: Back to being a conslutant
Ave: Oh?
Ben: We just sold the same project to 5 different companies.

I'm recycling so much material for the next few projects, it's just consluting.
by ylisa September 27, 2009
Top Definition
1. n. Professional woman of questionable moral fiber who dresses in business provocative attire. Proficient in distracting male coworkers with innuendo and inappropriate comment.

2. n. That woman at the office holiday party most likely to karaoke "I Will Survive" topless with the mic in one hand, and a whiskey sour in the other.

3. n. The woman who somehow manages to climb the corporate ladder in spite of a lack of trade skills or ability through the administration of fellatio (and/or cunnilingus) to upper management.
Becky the lead partner at the Chigaco office into the restroom at the Halloween party last week. She's quite the conslutant.
by Cap July 01, 2004
Experienced friend often solicited for sex advice.
I called my conslutant to find out how far I should go on the first date.
by kp-dog April 05, 2012
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