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Upon a messy break-up, one or both parties of a relationship will wish they never had sex with the other person ever, thereby making each lovemaking session that occured between them known as "consensual rape".
Michelle finally realized what a douchebag Corey is and broke up with him. She's pissed off as hell that he consensually raped her.

Yvette and Scotty were such nymphos, you'd've thought they were meant for each other. But ever since she dumped him, she's been accusing him of consensual rape.

Joann can't stand the sight of Dougie anymore. She can't believe the amount of times they had consensual rape.

Now that Mexxi and Mickie are no longer together, she's extremely upset at the consensual rape that happened between them.

by Muscle Spice March 25, 2009
When both Parties agree upon a role play situation in which one will try to force coitus with the other person. The rapist will try engage in copulation whilst the rapee must defend against the rape .The rape will end once fornication has begun or the rapist gives up and is unable to to force sex.
boyfriend: I could have sex with you anytime I wanted even if you didn't want to

Girlfriend: noway

Boyfriend: wanna bet?

Girlfriend: I accept your challenge for consensual rape
by laserclean May 31, 2011
When two people are on the ground playfighting in positions that looks more like violent sex to anyone nearby.
Two people start talking, they start playfully arguing, and the next thing you know, consensual rape has occurred.
by Spirit Pyromaniac October 03, 2007
When, during the act of being raped, the victim offers to cooperate with the rapist. The impending rape becomes a win-win situation due to: 1) the rapist gets some and 2)the victim doesn't get the full effects of an actually, violent rape.
Rapist: "Be still or I'll kill you!!"

Victim: "Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute! It aint got to be like that! Let's work this out, see if we both can come away from this in one piece. You do what you need to do and I'm gone just chill, then I'mma go on bout my business. It's win-win, man"

Rapist (confused but still a rapist) "Well...ok. I don't feel like going to jail for murder, too."

Victim: "Great, glad we can agree to a consensual rape. Go ahead and get the duct tape, let me go get a comdom."
by Ailohpue December 07, 2010
This occurs when a person attempts to rape another person, but in a turning of the tables, the other person then attempts to rape the first rapist. Resulting in simply angry sex.
First Rapist- "Hey I'm going to rape you!"
Victim/second rapist- "No! I'm going to rape YOU!"
First Rapist- "Okay! Consensual Rape!"
by tacman2468 January 12, 2011
You don't have to like it, you just have to say it's ok.
"I said it was ok I didn't like it though. I think it was consensual rape."
by bolthreadon August 02, 2016
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