A beautiful and talented singer and songwriter. Has been in many amazing bands.
Man, that Conor Oberst is pretty hot.
by raven February 22, 2004
Conor Oberst is an indie musician. He has been in a variety of indie bands including Bright Eyes, Desaprecidos, Park Ave., and Commander Venus. He was also briefly in Norman Bailer (now known as The Faint). He also has released four solo albums early on in his musical career. Him and his brother founded the Omaha based record label Saddle Creek (formerly known as Lumberjack) Conor also founded the record label Team Love (which features artists such as Tilly and the Wall). His musical career started at a young age, hes been playing guitar since he was ten and released his first casette at age thirteen.

Conor Oberst's heart wrenching lyrics are simply amazing
by JenTheRipper September 21, 2007
a hot guy that writes awesome music
see him in concert and you'll see- he's awesome
by bloodylost May 01, 2005
Conor Oberst ::proper noun:: - The extremely intelligent and sexy lead singer of the band Bright Eyes and his punk-side project The Desparacidos. He seems to be very bi-polar ::see - Fevers And Mirrors expo 1/2 track:: and is very sexy - did I already say sexy? Oh well...
Noun - Hey, you know Conor Oberst? The lead singer of the band Bright Eyes?

Verb - At the Mad Hatters concert, I met a guy and we totally Conor Oberst-ed all night - or until the concert was over, at least.
by Nyx Vasquez April 15, 2005
revolutionary. godly. amazing.
conor oberst is possibly the single most amazing writer of this generation
by adj. April 11, 2008
the single most beautiful lyrical genius that ever graced the earth with his heart wrenched lyrics that give me a reason to wake up in the morning.
"the morning's clean light pours in through the window, i pray i don't die, i'm a goddamn hypocrite"

its a total match made in heaven.
by Rira March 26, 2008
The lead singer and guitarist of the folk/indie band Bright Eyes.
Oberst's lyrical genius is often overshadowed by his position as the emo poster boy.
I craft paper dolls of Conor Oberst in my spare time.
by Lizzie Tripolitis April 27, 2008
a normal guy with amazing poetic talents that is weirdly obsessed over by indie girls that paint their nails black/chip it off, and make up weekly nuerosis for themselves so they can be more Conor Oberst.
"I can't sleep unless I drink myself into it."
"Aww...your so Oberst!"
by Roxanne December 11, 2003

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