A beautiful and talented singer and songwriter. Has been in many amazing bands.
Man, that Conor Oberst is pretty hot.
by raven February 22, 2004
He is unbelievable. Words cannot express what he means to me. He is in the band bright eyes, writes and sings the most meaningful music you will ever hear, and i dont understand how anyone can listen to him and actually not like him, it doesnt make sense to me. Conor Oberst is amazing.
Conor Oberst is in bright eyes.
by time? December 12, 2004
Conor oberst..you are sad, broken, alone, emotional, and you are hopeful. You are alive. You feel what we feel, and you make beautiful words and sense of this strange, chaotic world. With our tears, you give us hope. please, keep singing
a yellow bird, a solid rock, something to hold onto
by lucy December 03, 2004
pure sex in the form of a lyrical genius. bliss.
noun: Conor Oberst is the sex frontman for Bright Eyes.

adjective: You look really Conor Oberst today, did Stephen brake up with you?

verb: Lane didn't come to school today. She's Conor Obersting over her brakeup.
by jelloequalslove April 07, 2005
He is the lead singer of the band Bright Eyes. He makes gorgeous music and lyrics that even if you're happy, you'd suddenly feel the darkness of life when you hear them. He has accomplished recording numerous albums and hundreds of individual songs. He's hot, too. xP
I would like sex and cake with Conor please!
by Daixi February 16, 2005
human person who just happens to play music and write songs
conor oberst is not a piece of meat for all you fat chicks in weezer shirts to drool over.
by ashleigh May 31, 2004
revolutionary. godly. amazing.
conor oberst is possibly the single most amazing writer of this generation
by adj. April 11, 2008
Poetic genius appearing in many former bands, most popular being Bright Eyes. Used to be the type of band you didn't have to worry about show tickets selling out, unfortunately recently the mainstream has gotten a hold of the music and with it came "omfgzzz conor oberst is so effing hawt!! lolz" Psh. True fans listened to him long before "Lover I Don't Have to Love" and "Lua"
poser: "0mGz! y0uR teLLiNg mE cOnOr obeRst hAs oTheR mUSiK b4 DiGiTaL AsH? nAH-uH"
by luhluhlaurenn June 29, 2006
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