Conor Oberst ::proper noun:: - The extremely intelligent and sexy lead singer of the band Bright Eyes and his punk-side project The Desparacidos. He seems to be very bi-polar ::see - Fevers And Mirrors expo 1/2 track:: and is very sexy - did I already say sexy? Oh well...
Noun - Hey, you know Conor Oberst? The lead singer of the band Bright Eyes?

Verb - At the Mad Hatters concert, I met a guy and we totally Conor Oberst-ed all night - or until the concert was over, at least.
by Nyx Vasquez April 15, 2005
revolutionary. godly. amazing.
conor oberst is possibly the single most amazing writer of this generation
by adj. April 11, 2008
kick ass!!! musician excelent beautiful music soothing........
hard to keep your eyes off him totally gorgey wonderful lovely halarious SEXY brilliant THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD HANDS DOWN......
by tonalli April 24, 2005
the singer/songwriter most known for his beautiful band called Bright Eyes. Conor is mostly defined with 'emo boy' and is very beautiful and poetic.
Maybe I'll go home and sulk with Sir Oberst
by Quetzalli Martinez February 25, 2005
1)Lead singer of Bright Eyes. Sings emoish music, but should not be dissed for this fact.
2) quite amusing comedian
1)"i had five brothers that died that way. my mother drowned one every year for five consecutive years. they were all named padraic" - Conor Oberst

2)You are such a conor oberst

by perf March 30, 2003
The most gorgeous human being you shall EVER lay your eyes upon.
I WILL BE MRS. OBERST...just you wait. Buahaha.
by Blah! January 25, 2005
Easily the greatest musician of all time. Stupid faggot kids who think he is just an emo queer need to pull themselves away from themselves long enough to get a girlfriend and stop listening to shit like cake and chicken foot. Many Amercian rock critics call him the next Bob Dylan. Aggreably, may not have the best vocals, may not have the best guitar skills, but easily the best musician of all time. Far better than faggots who think shredding is music, and drone music and heavy metal is all there is to life. They just need to see the sun light every once in a while and stop butt fucking themselves.
Conor Oberst probably thinks that fags who like Jet and Beck need to cut themselves.
by Not a fag who likes shit music August 19, 2010
Singer of Brighteyes whom as of late, has seemed to become a sell-out with multiple appearances on MTV and the like.
At one point in time Conor was a heartfelt, emotional, deep, lyrical genious, but has suddenly started a downward spiral.

see Ben Gibbard, Anthony Green, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, or Circa Survive.
Guy1>> man, conor oberst is hitting a wall with his new album.

Guy2>> yeah i know, what happened to the good stuff?

Guy1>> i think he realized that half of his audience were emo 14 year olds who dont understand half of the symbolism he uses.
by DAVYsan July 24, 2007
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