He is the most sweestest of guys brown eyes, brown hair, and freckles. He may date one girl after the next but he is amazing. He is funny even when he he shouldnt be and he has a good heart. He may be a pain but once you get to know him it wont matter. Dont ever lose a Connor. It will be the worst mistake of your life. Trust me. I will always be my best friend.
Girl: i just lost my connor
by Babykat1214 October 02, 2012
is supper cool and super hot! he has the bigest penis in the world and all the hot girls love him! he can bang any 1 he wants!
i wana fuck connor's cock!!!
by mr. long rod von hugen dong July 25, 2011
The lad with the huge dick

the type of guy the girls would drool over, boys want to be like him. Everybody knows a Connor, the popular

one everybody wants to be friends with.

absolutely gorgeous with the cutest smile

that you can't help but fall for.

Big blue eyes that people would get lost in.

Connors are the best people and so sexy
"wow i wish i was like Connor"

Girl: oh my look who it is!
Girl 2: Its Connor
Girl: he's so sexy, i wish i could be with a guy like that
by blondie949 July 03, 2011
a sexy guy with the looks the swagger and the personality, all the girls want him and all the boys want to be him, hes tall with brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. connors know how to keep a girl happy and have all the moves ;) there also great friends and good listeners, you can tell a connor anything and everything. hes got the hair, the eyes, personality, hes trusting, hes got the sexy body. im in love with a connor who wouldnt be id let him in my bed any day. he looooves that pussy
wow look at that sexy guy he must be a connor!
by BVBLUV July 08, 2012
Is usually a BIG flirt, falls inlove with girls starting with the letter
S, M, V, A
guy 1: theres connor!
guy 2: four weeks ago he was dating Ashley, and three weeks ago he was dating Maddie, and then Victoria and now Samantha!
by HIBABYILOVEYOU March 30, 2011
One of the best guys to know, but can be a bit of a dick. Great to chat to when down, but sometimes a little insensitive. Great for a good laugh, though. (Popular with the ladies, too!)
Hey, who's that guy over their making all the ladies laugh? He must be a Connor!
He is indeed!
by Strange Blonde Lass February 17, 2015
Hot. He's a 'gunna grab yo girl' type of guy, and with a face like connors normally have, he totally will get your girl. Connors are normally brunets and do some sort of sport. They'll make you jealous you were ever named something else.
Girl 1: Damn who is that?
Girl 2: Ohh that's Connor
Girl 1: Is he single?
Girl 2: Yeah but not for long!
by lilypad99 October 08, 2013
An amazing guy that has superman like qualities. The complete and udder essence of awesome

Whenever something awesome happens to you it is because connor makes it so
Connor cannot be killed in battle, he can only fall asleep at random times


He is the human form of Chuck Norris

Connor is so awesome that he can melt his enemies into rock.... exactly
Hes good at almost everything. Hes so nice but will protect the one he loves.

person with large penis
"That text was lame,i wish we had a connor"

"Connor gets me hard"

"Connor was raised by wolves"
"omg look at the size of it he must be a connor"
by Sarah4314 December 10, 2012

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