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Women who only date assholes. These women are generally from Connecticut and have specific criteria for dating. They look for a man with one or more of the following traits:
1. is an asshole
2. treats them like shit
"Hey, I heard you did that really romantic thing for Stacey on Valentine's day. How did it go?"
"Not very well. She said she still likes Richard."
"But when she and Richard were dating, he treated her like shit and was a complete asshole to her. He even hit her."
"I know. She's such a Connecticut woman."

"So then I was a complete gentleman and treated her like a lady, so she broke up with me."
"Wow. Connecticut women these days."
#shallow #bitch #materialistic #slut #arrogant #conceited #stupid #whiny #complainer
by COOOORRAL!!!! February 21, 2014
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