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To agree.
Dude: I think we should go to a KsE concert!
Chick: I totally congree! It would be wicked awsome!
by pinkpotatos666 February 21, 2008
a combination of the words agree and concur. meaning, "to agree" and/or "to concur"
Man, that girl is hot!" "I congree!
by megnificence November 06, 2010
When you concure and you agree, it is a hybrid of both words.
I congree with what you say.
by Zach A. Wolf January 29, 2009
A shortened compound of the two words "concur" and "agree" when one wishes to express utmost approval.
In conversation, Chris completely backed a statment and promptly said, "I congree."

When Stormy and Mimi had a full inderstanding of the situation, they congreed and carried on.
by Brandon Király September 18, 2006