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When u congradulate someone after u know your the one that should be congradulated not there stinking ass.
congradufuckinglations asshole u beat me at my own game.
by christian fernandez March 14, 2005
congrats i don't fucking give a shit basically
hey guess what i became a Antidisestablishmentarianism" "congradufuckinglations
by kyle9817 September 11, 2010
when someone one is bragging about something that's not that great or bragging about something they did better than you and you let them no that what they did is not that great.
Vinny: what did you get on the test?
Aaron:an 85
Vinny: Dude that test was easy i got an 95!
Aaron: cool congradufuckinglations.

Vinny: awwww look i just found a dollar!
Aaron: wow congradufuckinglations.

by Texmexsex69 March 25, 2009
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