combination of congradulations and condolences, used sarcastically when someone experiences a situation with both a posetive and negative impact.
Bob, looks like your new raise is going to jack you right up to the next tax bracket, congradudolences.

Bob, you know that pain in the ass that used to work for you, well he doesn't work for you anymore - you work for him. Congradudolences.
by congradudolences January 24, 2007
Top Definition

1. The act of congradudolating

2. Expression of joy and perfunctory sympathy on the death of a horrible and miserly parent-in-law, (usually father) especially when a fortune has been inherited.


3. congradudolences ? ( used on the passing of an unpopular relative when the size of inheritance is not known)
Congradudolences bro, that monster in-law's penthouse will be pretty sweet
by bestia March 05, 2015
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