Seperates the men from the boys.
Man, you can tell that guy has confidence. He does what he wants, when he wants to, and he doesn't put up with shit from nobody!
by Tacobake October 21, 2007
Top Definition
absolut could-care-fucking-less-what-every-fucking-body thinks
confidence is sexy.
confidence is sexy.
confidence is sexy.
by absolut attitude March 01, 2005
An excuse used by woman to decline men without seeming shallow
Allen has no confidence I can't possibly date him.
by stealthyasallama June 24, 2005
The feeling you get right before you find out what the fuck is actually happening.
KKK Member: Man, I have a lot of confidence today.
Fellow Passenger: That's too bad, we're crash landing in Harlem.
by Fishlord July 09, 2006
The thing girls say they want in a guy when they themselves usually don't have the confidence to make the first move.
Girl 1: "Hey, that guy who sits behind you in math?"

Girl 2: "What about him?"

Girl 1: "I think he's kinda cute"

Girl 2: "Ugh but he's so shy and quiet! Zero confidence. I wouldn't give him a chance."

The next day

Girl 2: "Oh look! there's that hot guy Trev! I soooo want him!"

Girl 1: "Go ask him out"

Girl 2: "Jeez that's intimidating! I'll just give him a smile and wait till he asks ME out"
by Biomeanace April 09, 2010
Being caught in bed with another woman by your girlfriend/fiance/wife and having the balls to smack her on the ass and say your next
Having sex with your "significant others" sister, and when your woman walks in having the confidence to smack her ass and say she is next.
by Tsu7n7ami September 19, 2007
Criterion for why both the nice girls and the bitches like the assholes. Assholes come up to girls will the soul intent of "nailin' that pussy" and hit on them right away with a touch of sleaziness. But ooooooooo oh how they have confidence! And that makes all the difference, so the guys get what they want, and the girls that aren't sluts regret fucking a week later.
asshole: "suck my dick right now bitch"
girl: (ooooo he's so confident) "present it please!"

confidence is a good thing, but girls mix it up with arrogance because in high school they were used to guys being shy and like the difference in college.

arrogance (misinterpreted as confidence) means that you didn't take his breath away
by ZmanIsTheMan November 13, 2009
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