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The art of grabbing a McDonalds ice-cream cone from the ice cream end just to weird out the McDonalds Worker. can also be done various other ways such as scooping the ice cream onto you face for warrior paint
Did you see that maccas workers face when we were coneing them the other day!
by motownbroooooo June 14, 2011
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Cone-ing is when a person orders an ice-cream cone at a drive-thru and when the order is ready accepting the cone from the ice cream end instead of the cone. This will here hereby confuse the drive-thru attendant.
Son: "Dad, can I have a dollar?" Dad: "Why?" Son: "Because I'm bored and want to go cone-ing with my friends." Dad: "Ok, but here's another at least one cone for me!"

For more examples just google "cone-ing" there have been many "coners," one who participates in cone-ing, that have created videos!
by Sir Ellingsworth June 14, 2011
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(Verb) The act of grabbing with one's bare hand the ice cream from an ice cream cone. Consummation or creative application of the said ice cream normally ensues, with or without the cone intact. Credit is given to Australian man Alki Stevens for spawning this new fun, popular activity.
What a n00b, he couldn't even keep a straight face while cone-ing at the McDonald's drive-thru
by kruizerkk June 14, 2011
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The extremely entertaining act of driving to a fast food restraunt, going through the drive-through, ordering an ice cream cone, paying for it and then the fun part...
When the worker hands you the ice cream, you don't take it by the cone. You grab the ice cream itself, and quickly drive away.
Louis - We went coneing today, and the lady at McDonalds freaked out when i grabbed the ice cream!

Mary - She practically threw the thing at him!
by Larli October 19, 2011
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To order an ice-cream cone at McDonalds, but grab it by the ice-cream end and eat it cone 1st, whilst acting like that's how you are suppose to eat it, then drive off before anyone can question you about it. The new planking. Too cool.
(McDonalds worker to another McDonalds worker)

"OMG!, I just saw someone grab a cone by the ice-cream and drove off like he was suppose to be eating it like that!"
"oh yeah, its called cone-ing, all the cool people are doing it. Its the new planking"
"What retards. Wanna jack off in the mayonnaise?"
"hell yeah!"
by the big V May 30, 2013
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1. grabbing an ice-cream cone by the ice-cream instead of the cone.

2. any act involving an ice-cream cone to confuse or scare the person selling it to you.
Luke: Hey, let's go cone-ing, man! Film me!

Tom: Ok, do it!

Luke: *Buys an ice cream cone, takes it by grabbing the ice cream portion*
by facetron June 27, 2011
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Driving into a McDonald's drive-through and ordering one or more soft serve cones.
You pay for your soft serve cone(s) and then when you accept it, you pick it up from the icecream side instead of the usual "cone" side. This results in your hand covered in icecream and an extremely baffled McDonald's worker.
Variations can also be referred to as coneing or "cone-ing"
Man 1: "I was just coneing the other day, people thought I was retarded."
Man 2: "What's coneing?"
Man 1: "OMG, it's the new planking, go look it up!"
by ErC1123458 June 11, 2011
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