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Ugly, pointy-ass tits. Disgusting, worthless, stupid, unattractive, repulsive.
Allison Whiteman has some big-ass cone tits.
by Ricardo Jones May 22, 2008
Tits that appear conical in shape and therefore lack any type of attractive properties.
Sigma Phi Brother #1: Hey big titty freak!
Big Titty Freak: Whad you say little pecker!
Sigma Phi Brother #2: Ah dude, she's taking her shirt off!
Big Titty Freak: Woooooooooooo!
Sigma Phi Brother #1: Ah gnarly dude, did you see the Cone Tits on that Knuckle titty breasted freak!
by Frat Bro 389 June 08, 2007