A condominium unit that used to be an apartment; a living unit in an apartment-to-condominium conversion project.
My landlord decided to cash out so now I'm living in a condoment.
by giovannijones March 05, 2009
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Sometimes referred to as flavoured lubricants, condoments are designed to add a twist to sex play. Many condoments are marketed as "low calorie" and "sugar free" and come in a variety of flavours or additives to increase or decrease sensation during sexual activities.

Condoments can make oral sex more pleasant, especially when using condoms which can leave a bad taste in one's mouth. It is important to note that if using latex prophylactics, oil-based condoments can cause a regular latex condom to break so be certain that the condoment of choice is water based.
Samantha: "My boyfriend always expects blowjobs and I want to make him feel good, but I just don't like the taste..."

Tracy: "I've got a bunch of condoments, you can have my bottle of vanilla bliss if you want, I only use the wet watermelon one..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010

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