Something matt leinart dosnt no how to use
That sound u hear when ur puttin ur kid in its car seat...Click-clack

Don't be silly wrap ur willy

Condoms are cheaper then diapers
#matt leinart #usc #football #heisman #qb #arizona cardinals
by nick hoffmann August 30, 2006
shrink wrap for one's penis; scumbag
Wow, those condoms make your dick look small
by Ruben Mothballs January 25, 2003
a cheap piece of latex rubber that is meant to protect you from disease and pregnancy. not only do they fail 100% of the time, they are very uncomfortable to wear and they actually increase the risk of disease. however, you can wear them 24/7, becasue they make going to the bathroom alot easier.
i never wear a condom because its very uncomfortabe, especially when intercourse is at its peak.
#condom #sex #intercourse #anal #penis
by eric123 November 08, 2007
A sheath usually made of latex which is worn over the penis.
Real men don't use condoms!
by RealMan July 14, 2003
a material made usually of latex, that some bitches make you use, because they are whores and they have diseases, but they don't want to tell you that. also known as a jimmy hat or a profolactic.
condoms are cheaper than diapers.

play safe, accidents cause people

sex feels WAAAAAAY better without a condom.

the bitch made me use a condom, so I couldn't pull out and shoot it on her face.
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
A type of object that is used to prevent from people having little kids running around
I wished I used a condom
I wish I had a condom 5 years ago
by Chuck Vanderchuck May 17, 2016
A condom is a small, flexible, usually rubber sheat that is rolled up and is unrolled onto an erect penis during sexual intercourse to prevent the transfer of STDs or sperm. This is often used along spermicide to prevent pregnancy. Condoms may be made iut of a vareity of materials such as nitrile, natural latex, artificial latex, polyurethane, etc. Condoms are often claimed to reduce the sensation of intercourse and prevent orgasm in some cases. It is recomended that a space is left over the penis so that semen has a small space to gather, or else semen can overflow and enter the vagina, still causing fertilization. On average there is a 2% failure rate. Ejaculation can cause the condom to slip off. Condoms are often pre-lubricated to give extra sensation, and to prevent the irritation of the exposed glans penis. The reason condoms are made of latex is because they have a strength of over 30 mPa, so that they won't break easily, to prevent accidental impregnancy. This is also why they make good balloons. Certain condoms are ribbed, to add extra sensation during intercourse. Condoms were first made of animal intestines and are still availible today; however studies show that they are not very effective at the preventation of STDs and are rather gruesome also, which is why they are relatively rare nowadays.
Once I found a condom with semen in it, which proves the fact that my parents have sex after I'm asleep.
#sex #condom #penis #vagina #latex #sperm #stds
by therandomname October 02, 2015
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