where ur condom or u will be a fuckin wanker
where ur condom or u will be a fuckin da
by chris d 100 June 22, 2005
Balloon that gets placed over the weiner
i put a condom on then fucked my dog
by Fredsasadasdasd January 23, 2009
A rubber shopping bag used when having sex with a girl that is really loose/been around the block & a feel more.
by Visual September 05, 2003
A rubber device worn on the dick to prevent the cum going in the pussy. If the girl knows who you are, where you live, can track you down, etc then wear a condom. If she doesn't, go rawdog.
Unsuspecting girl: Shit, i thought you were wearing a condom?!

Guy: LOL, i guess i forgot! Good luck with that. (bolts out of the door and makes his escape)
by GRU Sniper March 02, 2007
Something matt leinart dosnt no how to use
That sound u hear when ur puttin ur kid in its car seat...Click-clack

Don't be silly wrap ur willy

Condoms are cheaper then diapers
by nick hoffmann August 30, 2006
shrink wrap for one's penis; scumbag
Wow, those condoms make your dick look small
by Ruben Mothballs January 25, 2003
a cheap piece of latex rubber that is meant to protect you from disease and pregnancy. not only do they fail 100% of the time, they are very uncomfortable to wear and they actually increase the risk of disease. however, you can wear them 24/7, becasue they make going to the bathroom alot easier.
i never wear a condom because its very uncomfortabe, especially when intercourse is at its peak.
by eric123 November 08, 2007

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