The Love Glove !!
He put the condom on his erect penis before penetrating !!
by JELLO August 30, 2003
A piece of rubber worn on the penis to prevent fluid from entering the vagina. They are hard to find and embarrassing to pay for. Make a great balloon or water bomb.
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
Condom is a small town in the country of France.
Person 1: I'm going on my holidays tomorrow - I can't wait! XD
Person 2: Where to?
Person 1: Condom, in France
Person 2: Lol.
by Dackstar January 23, 2008
a piece of rubber you shove your manhood into to prevent you from being on the jeremy kyle show.
holly: i don't want your fluid inside me
olly: don't worry! i have a condom!
by yamar September 30, 2009
A very useful invention that is used by responsible people in an attempt to protect oneself from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmited diseases. Usually feel like you are "being intimate" with a plastic bag between the parteners
"Did you hear," Scott didn't wear a condom and he got Sarah pregnant!"
by ss_cope July 10, 2008
A type of contraceptive measure. A condom is a protective cover worn over the penis during sex. If its used correctly, it catches semen when you cum, which stops the woman becoming pregnant. It also plays a majot role in stopping you catching STDs including AIDS, Ghonnoroea and Chlamydia.
Condoms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Each one is a better fit for you, or may better during anal sex, oral sex or normal sex.
Also called rubbers or johnnys.
"put a condom on, i don't wanna get your cum in me"
by Oli87 June 02, 2007
The middleman between dick and pussy.
Man, using a condom is like you fuck it and it fucks your girlfriend!
by Syductive March 24, 2007
1. A latex, sheepskin or polyurethane sheath for the penis, to prevent transfer of bodily fluids during sexual activity and thereby lower the risk of pregnancy and venereal disease.

2. A really neat balloon, which also provides hours of amusement when filled with water or Jell-O.
1. Because Jack did not wish to become a father, he used a condom during sex.

2. Dude, Dad's gone. You get the Jell-O mix. I'll get the condoms.
by Allison1690 September 16, 2006

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