The Love Glove !!
He put the condom on his erect penis before penetrating !!
by JELLO August 30, 2003
The most underused piece of material in the teenage world.
Beth: we should use a condom
Joe: no way those are so old school.
by candybabiiixoxo August 08, 2008
It's a rubber sheath that you wear over your penis whenever you have sex. To be used every time, no exceptions. Available at most drug stores and convenience stores, in a variety of sizes. If used right, it will prevent pregnancy. Something everyone would use if humanity were not the terminally retarded species it is.
The Pope doesn't want you to wear condoms. Isn't that rich? An elderly former Nazi who has never had sex wants to tell you how to have sex, and you are going to listen to him? Incredible, our species is doomed.
by The World II February 29, 2008
Haven't you heard?

If you're gonna make LOVE,



So you Better WEAR a LATEX,

Cause you don't want that LATE TEXT,


Ha Ha, So wrap it up!!!

My flo so cold Chicken soup won't Help!!!
Jeremy- "I don't want to use a condom. I just don't feel anything."

Girl 1- "It's ok. I'm on the pill, baby."

Girl 2- {Two hours later} "Tough luck buddy. I got too much going on in my life to fuck it all up now."
by Q. Jakers August 12, 2009
A balloon the shape of a penis
fun to poke people in the head with a condom
by THATGUY! September 05, 2005
Rubber, or sheepskin cover for the penis during Sexual Intercourse So that no seminal fluid may enter the vagina
by Anonymous July 16, 2002
trusty bag over your shaft....sometimes not trusty
im a g
condom broke 39 times
u wer the lucky one
by miker100 November 08, 2009
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