The Love Glove !!
He put the condom on his erect penis before penetrating !!
by JELLO August 30, 2003
something to protect you from STD's and worst of all..... babies!
" man my pullout game strong " " nah nigga put on a condom! "
by luvqueen_steph May 11, 2016
a device used by a dude so that the chick he's fucking doesn't become pregnant, or STI infected.
Girl #1: What'd your mom say about you have sex with your boy last night?
Girl #2: She said. "Alright, make him use a condom."
by yourneighborlyrapist November 26, 2008
Anything that sorrounds the penis during any kind of sex, ussually used to keep semen out of the vagina. Comes rolled up and you gotta unroll it over your dick you moron.
makes sex less fun. makes sex less often (when you dont have it).
Condoms are for pussies!!

-Ima fuck you up!
-well you better use a condom so i dont get pregnant
by Urban Dictionary May 16, 2005
it is something that u put penis, it helps you not make baby's, because the partners vagina will open super wide in 9 months and a baby will pop out of it and scare everyone with its crazy yelling.
I put A condom on my erect penis so i didn't make a baby.
by jamie February 02, 2004
a piece of shit that never works resulting in accidental pregnancies
Bill: Oops, my condom broke!
Susy: Shit! Are you serious? Now I'm pregnant!

Don: Mommy where do babies come from?
Susy: Condoms.
by Kristen H. April 15, 2008
A rubber thing that you out over a guy's penis so you don't get a disease or get pregnant. SMART IDEA, FREAK MIDGETS SUCK!
Girl: Heyyyyy baby, wanna have sex?? ................. without a condom? ;)

Boy: Aw, hell no bitch!! FREAK MIDGETS SUCK.
by gingerbread gal August 07, 2011
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