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An unfortunate affliction found in males that 99% of the time will lead to bigger problems. One with this disorder will be extremly arroused, hard, and ready for a sexual encounter until a condom is applied. Once the condom is on, the male's errection disappears and goes completly limp. After this, one of the following happens:

1. The female refuses to go forward without a condom and the male never gets laid.

2. The female and male agree to forget the condom and go for it, usually leading to an STD, pregnancy, or both.

3. The male pathetically tries with the condom on until the female tires and says "Oh, just get off me already!"

Some men only have the disorder when drunk, while others have it all their lives.
Dude: I am soo hard!
Chick: Woah! Don't forget the condom!
::Dude puts condom on and looses errection::
Chick: Oh no! You're condom shy aren't you? Fuck this, I'll see ya later...
Dude: Damn it!!
by cinymin86 November 21, 2009

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