When you put both your feets on concrete, it turns into concretes.
My two feets on concretes
by papppii April 12, 2010
1. Used when one is black-out drunk, usually said as "on that concrete shit" 2. A drink that is high in alcohol that will be used to get one extremely drunk
1. "Imma be on that concrete shit tonight bro"
2. "Yo that drink is concrete"
by kidsgettinporched May 27, 2011
what janitors mow.
or at least at my school.

concrete, you are pwned!
by swing low satellite March 09, 2005
Used to describe ones hard-on and the process of getting a hard on.
Describe: Dude that chick gave me some major concrete.

Process: I'm mixing some major concrete right now.
by The Neutrachrist October 29, 2005
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