Not just a city with a ghetto , any large city . Just think about the name , jungles have hella trees but a concrete jungle has hella buildings , yah dig ?
Juelz Santana: I was taught be smart stay humble . I was taught be hard , dont fumble . I was taught in this concrete jungle , rumble young man rumble .
by Valentine K April 13, 2008
Top Definition
A hardcore , grimy, crime ridden city such as NYC, Newark(NJ), Miami, Los Angeles, really any city with a ghetto.If you want a better explanation listen to Bob Marley....
Damn, I got off the wrong exit and got stuck right in the concrete jungle...
by Symone..AKA Ill NANA December 17, 2003
Large urban cities. Like a jungle, there is so much going on in large cities and so much depth to tis high rises and train systems underground. Also like jungles cities are loud and alive at night and something is always going on 24/7.
"It was easy to get lost in the concrete jungle of New York city."
by cornersss January 14, 2015
A semi-racist term for a ghetto.

It's called a concrete jungle because the minorities/high crime-rates represent the 'animal/jungle' part, the 'concrete' part represent the urban area.
"I almost got robbed in the concrete jungle today"
by Mc Dane April 21, 2015
The act of pooping in a random place.
Dude 1 :" Dude I built a concrete jungle on her steps"

Dude 2 :" Sick."
by Frizzel&Fraggel April 28, 2011
NKU or a shitstem city
"No sun will shine, in my day today"
"Poor fuckin' Chris, he goes to the concrete jungle"
by You fuckin' know March 09, 2003
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