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South american insult. Concha means vagina in Argentina and in the rest of south america is pretty much a shell. However, concha-tu-madre is an insult.

It could have derived from 2 things:

La concha de tu madre! = Your mothers cunt!


Concha es tu madre! = Your mother is a cunt!

Either way is a pretty good insult!
el concha su madre me robó!
by Sofia Lima April 10, 2005
Spanish for Motherfuker.

Literally translates as "Your mother's sea shell".

Colloquially as translates as "Your mother's vagina".

One hundred percent translates as "motherfucker".
Upon being shot in the kidney Jon exclaimed:

"You've shot me in the kidney, ¡concha tu madre!".
by LaGambaDeLaFiesta July 11, 2011
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