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a bunch of bible-reading fat ugly slags who doesn't notice that their husbands are screwing gorgeous liberal women.
concerned women for America... the only thing you should be concerned about are your husbands infidelity
by AndreaCow December 09, 2006
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A Conservative Christian pressure group based in the bible belt of America. Possibly some of the most fanatical Christians ever. They say they stand for six core issues:

"1. Definition of the Family:
CWA believes the traditional family consists of one man and one woman joined in marriage, along with any children they may have. We seek to protect traditional values that support the Biblical design of the family."

- CWA are against gay marridge with a passion because it's "depraved". I wonder how depraved beastality is compared to homosexuality. They wish to see all gay, bi and lesbian people be stripped of all civil rights. They also want to remove women of civil liberties and their rights so every woman becomes a housewife. They feel Feminists and womens rights groups are wrong.

"2. Sanctity of Human Life:
CWA supports the protection of all life from conception until natural death. This includes the consequences resulting from abortion."

- CWA believe that stem cell research is muder, even if will save countless lives by curing what are incurable diseases. Also that abortions are also murder, if you're raped, it's your own fault.

"3. Education:
CWA seeks to reform public education by returning authority to parents."

- CWA want parents to carefully monitor their childrens everyday life to insane lengths and hopefully rid them of any rights allowing them to express themselves.

"4. Pornography:
CWA endeavors to fight all pornography and obscenity."

- CWA also counts obscenity to be swim models on coffee cups.

"5. Religious Liberty:
CWA supports the God-given rights of individuals in the United States and other nations to pray and worship without fear of discrimination or persecution."

- What this entails is that Christianity should be forced as the only set of moral guidelines in the United States and they should be the soul people to tell others what is right. Even though it is impossible to say what is moral and immoral as each persons opinions differ greatly. They also want to get rid of the theory of evolution in schools and teach creationism instead, because one supernatural being creating the universe is much more comprehensible. Also that all science books should have labels with "This is just a theory." on the front.

"6.National Sovereignty:
CWA believes that neither the United Nations nor any other international organization should have authority over the United States in any area, including economics, social policy, military, and land ownership."

- This is so that America is free to invade, plunder and lay waste to anyone it pleases; so that the international community cannot debate with them under any circumstances to come up with a logical decision. Ideally so that America will become a worldwide super power.

Out of curiosity I compares CWA to the American Nazi Party and the main issues they stood for were suprisingly similar. The quote belows looks at how CWA occassionally hints at racism...
"The ideology commonly known as "political correctness" or "multiculturalism" now shapes the actions of government in thousands of ways. Under the rubric of "hate crimes," it sentences American citizens to additional time in jail for political thoughts. As "affirmative action," it "privileges" women, blacks and homosexuals over heterosexual white males. In some cases, it requires private businesses to give their employees "sensitivity training," psychological conditioning in obedience to the state ideology, including its demand that everyone express approval of homosexuality."
by PUNX August 18, 2005
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