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Main Entry: 1 comp·tard
Pronunciation: 'kämp-'tärd
Etymology: Modern Engrish, from Middle Haddish or Hadbrew; Middle Spanglish comptarder, from Latin comptardare, from re- + tardus slow
transitive senses
Function: verb
1 : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment with one that computes; specifically : a programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data: CYBER IMPEDE
2 : to delay academic progress by failure to promote
intransitive senses in relation to modern day technology: to undergo technological retardation
synonym see LAMER
antonym see l33t; also : bill gates
- comp·tard·er noun
Function: noun
1 : a comptarded person; also : a person held to resemble a comptarded person in behavior
1 : Karrey doesn't even know how to send images to people over the net, she's a comptard.

2 : Liz is the biggest internet nerd in a 6 state radius; She even criticizes Hadley's misspellings on, she's definitely not a comptard.
by Four1Fool August 11, 2004
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