to perform that which you most want to
If I could only complemate the ass of that cellist.
by kittykatwoemeow November 25, 2011
Top Definition
To undescribe the describable.
Journalist at an annual polar bear swim - "Where are you from?"
Interviewee - "I'm a professor at a mental institute and all of these people here are my students."
Journalist - "What is the purpose of today's attempt?"
Interviewee - "It's an experiment."
Journalist - "To prove what?".
Interviewee - "That life can sometimes be too uncomplemated."

Dave to himself - "Why is everything always so complemated?"

John to his friend's mother - "I complemate you on your vocabulary."

Susan to her younger sister - "Does your insurance fully complemate you?"

Craig - "I didn't complemate at the end of that calculation."
by fireboyproductions June 29, 2010
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