A place where students actually pay for their education unlike University Students who's parents spend $45,000 a year so they can major in basket weaving. Community colleges are for people who are really career orientated unlike University students who can party all night every week, not study, and pay the professors off to give them a C average. Even though community colleges might lack some social atmosphere, some have plenty of clubs for students interests who can join to meet new people and develop friendships which an alternative to the traditional University fraternity/sorority where people become warped and mind controlled by a sick diabolical satanic frat leaders with no empathy for humanity and who have been groomed to be elitists. 1.5 million students attend community college around the country. Their are many career choices at CC to choose from and you spend a lot less money. Some CC's are even better than some Universities in terms of class size, cost, educational environment, and professors. CC's tend to be even more culturally diverse than Universities because certain Universities only accept rich white kids (waspy) because their families have certain connections and descend from medieval royalty.
"He graduated from community college with an associate degree in Landscaping & Horticulture. He started his own landscaping business and is living well off."

"He graduated from a prestigious University with a engineering degree but can't find a job because all the engineering jobs have been outsourced to China and India. Now he's washing dishes at TGI Friday's trying to make ends meet. The economy sucks."
by IspeakLatin August 10, 2009
Positive: The best move financially when getting a college degree. You can transfer somewhere else after your two years of CC and not be in nearly as much debt as some others.

Negative: An academic black hole. Regardless of how smart you are, or how much time you have, this school will suck in all but the very well disciplined. The environment is full of people ages 17-50 who fully intend to graduate but never actually do. This is referred to as BHA (also known as black hole aura). Even people who had good grades in high school who attend CC are likely to be sucked in and see a sudden drop in their GPA. The ease of the classes will also fool some into thinking college (and thus University) will be easy as well.

Warning: If you aren't VERY disciplined AND focused, don't go here. End of story.
Community College, CC
by John Smith 5 March 29, 2010
Named because they will accept anyone in the community. Other than online only schools like University of Phoenix or Walden University, they are probably the worst of all college education.

A community college is where you go when you think you need to go to college, but don't really want to. The rest of people think that they are going to transfer to a better school, but will just end up dropping in a couple of semesters.
The percentage of people who actually graduate from community college is only slightly higher than people who make a successful career out of being a waiter.
by Davidist June 16, 2009
A place where a person would go to when all hope has failed for them in their life only to find out that they will eventually end up at a dead end job with nothing more than an associate's degree.
Chandler: I lost my job, my home, my car, my money, I guess I best be off to community college.
Monica: O don't worry baby. It will get better.
Chandler: Really?
Monica: No, not really. Do you want me to be supportive or truthful?
by bullsmania April 19, 2009
A place where I went as a hope to transfer to a university as a junior. I earned an associates degree in three different subjects, and I soon realized that there are absolutely no employers who really give a rat's ass about an AA degree. I got accepted to a UC school that costs 27k a year and had to decline my admissions due to the cost.

College is simply too time consuming and expensive for what it is. Many of my buddies are graduating with BA's, MA's and are in some serious, reversible debt reaching close to 100k. Don't fall into the trap of thinking college is the only way to be successful. Create your own business or invest the money into something else besides a degree. Buy real estate in this down market and cash out kids.
What we don't understand is that there isn't a mysterious job market that opens up to us when we graduate from a Community College or University. It's just the same o' lame minimum wage corporate jobs that you could get without a degree anyway. Avoid the dogmatic trap and do something more beautiful.
by Life1221 July 03, 2009
An institution which makes it easy to transfer into universities like Cal and UCLA--at least in California--and lets you to save money on classes. Contrary to some of the other comments left on here, the instructors are often times people who have taught and still teach at neighboring universities. I've had a physics professor who held a PhD from UCSD and had taught there.

Anybody with common sense will tell you it's a good deal--partly because the classes are easy and other universities accept its credit--which is why plenty of non-community college students take advantage of it, especially during the summer.

It has its share of dumbasses, but there are plenty of people who are just trying to get back on the right track. The classes also aren't as rigorous, but if you're a motivated learner, I don't see what could possibly be stopping you from knowing what's normally taught in the university level classes (we have this tool called the internet) especially for these lower division subjects.

I suspect that the people doing the most amount of shit talking on this page are the sorts who "have graduated from the least prestigious University's sic in the states." Either way, it's fucking petty.
I went to community college and I'm not an idiot. In fact, I was that student who set the curve on all of your "university level" exams.
by Alex4791 August 28, 2010
Named because they have an obligation to accept anybody in the community and the only reason is that the person lives in that township. High school is not necessary for attending a community college. The SAT or ACT is not necessary either. You can answer every question with the letter 'A' and still get accepted into a community college. The dumbest of the dumb shit can be admitted, and the brightest minds of the universe can enter. It is guaranteed to suck ass and destroy the futures of all attendees as well as be a serious time waster. It is a very inefficient method of receiving an education.
Rachel: Don't you teach at a community college?
Ross: No, I teach at a prestigious university.
Rachel: Isn't it true that your male students pretend to be gay and be in love with you just to get an 'A' in the class.
Ross: (dramatically) THAT HAPPENED ONLY ONE TIME!!!!
by FriendsFanForever January 18, 2010
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