A place where I went as a hope to transfer to a university as a junior. I earned an associates degree in three different subjects, and I soon realized that there are absolutely no employers who really give a rat's ass about an AA degree. I got accepted to a UC school that costs 27k a year and had to decline my admissions due to the cost.

College is simply too time consuming and expensive for what it is. Many of my buddies are graduating with BA's, MA's and are in some serious, reversible debt reaching close to 100k. Don't fall into the trap of thinking college is the only way to be successful. Create your own business or invest the money into something else besides a degree. Buy real estate in this down market and cash out kids.
What we don't understand is that there isn't a mysterious job market that opens up to us when we graduate from a Community College or University. It's just the same o' lame minimum wage corporate jobs that you could get without a degree anyway. Avoid the dogmatic trap and do something more beautiful.
by Life1221 July 03, 2009
A college that primarily offers 2-3 year diploma programs; often refereed to rather condescendingly as junior college. In Canada, Community College is generally known simply as College while four-year degree programs are normally taught only at a University.

Generally, focuses on a more practical, hands on approach rather then a theory heavy approach. Also has much less focus on the academic subjects and more on technical ones (although most programs will have at least some academic subjects but they’re not the focus).

Usually costs far less then a four-year degree program type of college and is often a more practical option for people that don’t want tens of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans.

People tend to look down on community college because of its technical focus rather then academic focus. They seem to feel that anyone not strong academically is stupid. People that think this way seem to forget that not everyone is academically inclined and everyone learns differently (hence, why there are different options for education).

Many go to Community College because they cannot afford the privilege of going (away) to a four-year college or university.

In short, Community College is another option for education that has a technical rather then academic focus.
I went to Community College because I wanted a technical, hands on approach that woulden't leave me tens of thousands on dollars in debt.
by anonymous October 20, 2004
A Place where dreams die.
Self explanatory (Community College)
by ThisSuxs April 03, 2012
1. A two-year college that provides inexpensive college classes and credits for students as well as societies and connections. Some also offer dual-enrollment for talented and intelligent high school students.
2. A springboard for students who require assistance with the transition from high school into college.
3. A greatly misunderstood but highly useful institution that is useful for students' educations and personal knowledge stores while being easier on the pocketbook.
I'm a dual-enrolled student at a local Community College, meaning I'll be able to enter a four-year school as a junior earlier and pay less for a college education.
by royliallen April 25, 2011
An institution that society uses to further sort, sift, and weed out its members into basic categories of winners and losers.

While some students will succeed in community college and obtain a vocational credential or transfer to a 4-year school (both of which are noble) many will find it just as difficult as their high-school experience and will drop out and work in a menial job for the rest of their life. Others will graduate with an Associate's degree in nothing special and will find jobs pretty much as inaccessible to them as if they only had a high school diploma or equivalent.

Either way, society helps its members find their own level, giving those with merit the opportunities they deserve while preventing those who don't meet a basic threshold of academic aptitude (or intelligence/ambition/discipline) from obtaining a degree they surely DON'T deserve.

Of course, this is NOT what CC's themselves SAY they exist for--it's what they ACTUALLY DO.
"I hate high school. I think I'll go to community college after I graduate/drop out." That won't work out.

"I'm going to the local community college to get my paramedic's certification."
by Teacher of Mushy Minds February 16, 2012
A place where nobody goes on Friday.
I failed all my classes that were supposed to transfer because I never showed up to the local community college on Friday.
by NewClear October 26, 2013
A crappy educational institution where virtually anyone can enter. Pretty much any nutcase or dumbass can join. Most people in community colleges are butthurt wannabe SJWs that are ultra politically correct to the point of retardation, but however, people such as rednecks, hillbillies, racists and other morons can also join.
Community colleges are infested with SJWs, rednecks with low IQ scores and other atrocities.
by Wahrsager350 August 17, 2015
A place for "higher learning" that students attend after high school. Students who attend community colleges generally 1) did bad in high school and could not get accepted anywhere else 2) went to a university and dropped out/kicked out due to inadequate grades and then signed up for a community college 3) a lot of older students ages 18-25 (most have jobs, some have kids) 4) students who never got a high school diploma, are 30 or 40 years old, and are just now deciding to get their GED 5) and lastly, there are SOME bright students who attend community college due to financial reasons (me being one of them), but yeah for the most part community colleges suck there is no social life, most students commute and attend class then go home right away, campus is ugly, no dorms, no frats or sororities, a lot of students smoke, in my CC there is a gym, but access is only granted to students who play for the school (thats bullshit), and finally the classes are completely dumbed down. They are so dumbed down it is literally impossible to not get an A if you attend every class and are not late often. Very LOW standards, you won't learn much. Anybody can get in.
Superman: Hey what did you score on your exam ?

Batman: 105%

Superman: Wow, you must be really smart.
Batman: No I just attend community college. I studied about 45 minutes for my exam which was worth 15 percent of my grade and still managed a 105 percent due to all the extra credit I got on the exam.
by College Kid who hates CC November 29, 2012

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