1. A two-year college that provides inexpensive college classes and credits for students as well as societies and connections. Some also offer dual-enrollment for talented and intelligent high school students.
2. A springboard for students who require assistance with the transition from high school into college.
3. A greatly misunderstood but highly useful institution that is useful for students' educations and personal knowledge stores while being easier on the pocketbook.
I'm a dual-enrolled student at a local Community College, meaning I'll be able to enter a four-year school as a junior earlier and pay less for a college education.
by royliallen April 25, 2011
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Named because they have an obligation to accept anybody in the community and the only reason is that the person lives in that township. High school is not necessary for attending a community college. The SAT or ACT is not necessary either. You can answer every question with the letter 'A' and still get accepted into a community college. The dumbest of the dumb shit can be admitted, and the brightest minds of the universe can enter. It is guaranteed to suck ass and destroy the futures of all attendees as well as be a serious time waster. It is a very inefficient method of receiving an education.
Rachel: Don't you teach at a community college?
Ross: No, I teach at a prestigious university.
Rachel: Isn't it true that your male students pretend to be gay and be in love with you just to get an 'A' in the class.
Ross: (dramatically) THAT HAPPENED ONLY ONE TIME!!!!
by FriendsFanForever January 18, 2010
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A college that primarily offers 2-3 year diploma programs; often refereed to rather condescendingly as junior college. In Canada, Community College is generally known simply as College while four-year degree programs are normally taught only at a University.

Generally, focuses on a more practical, hands on approach rather then a theory heavy approach. Also has much less focus on the academic subjects and more on technical ones (although most programs will have at least some academic subjects but they’re not the focus).

Usually costs far less then a four-year degree program type of college and is often a more practical option for people that don’t want tens of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans.

People tend to look down on community college because of its technical focus rather then academic focus. They seem to feel that anyone not strong academically is stupid. People that think this way seem to forget that not everyone is academically inclined and everyone learns differently (hence, why there are different options for education).

Many go to Community College because they cannot afford the privilege of going (away) to a four-year college or university.

In short, Community College is another option for education that has a technical rather then academic focus.
I went to Community College because I wanted a technical, hands on approach that woulden't leave me tens of thousands on dollars in debt.
by anonymous October 20, 2004
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College for dumb bitches who couldn't survive in real colleges. Go back to high school you dumbass.

Community College, it's easier than regular college!
Yo niggah, highschool was so hard, but now that I'm unemployed and going to a community college things are easier than ever.
Niggah 1: Yo I thought college was going to be hard
Niggah 2: Niggah please, you go to a community college, you ain't shit.
Niggah 1: (Shanks Niggah #2 dead)
by Shankmasta November 26, 2006
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A lower education which 1.5 million students in the U.S. attend. You can earn a useless associate degree and become a college loser and earn a bad paying job. Also students from around the world attend. Community college professors lack real world experience and some have graduated from the least prestigious University's in the states. Most community college's are even worse than some University's in terms of professors, cost, class size, and learning environment.
" A Community College student has two worst selling unpublished books, a passport without stamps from around the world. His real life world experience and knowledge was because he got a poor education at a Community College."

"A person who attends the most prestigious University right after high school has just bought out Google."
by college man586937 May 07, 2009
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An institution that society uses to further sort, sift, and weed out its members into basic categories of winners and losers.

While some students will succeed in community college and obtain a vocational credential or transfer to a 4-year school (both of which are noble) many will find it just as difficult as their high-school experience and will drop out and work in a menial job for the rest of their life. Others will graduate with an Associate's degree in nothing special and will find jobs pretty much as inaccessible to them as if they only had a high school diploma or equivalent.

Either way, society helps its members find their own level, giving those with merit the opportunities they deserve while preventing those who don't meet a basic threshold of academic aptitude (or intelligence/ambition/discipline) from obtaining a degree they surely DON'T deserve.

Of course, this is NOT what CC's themselves SAY they exist for--it's what they ACTUALLY DO.
"I hate high school. I think I'll go to community college after I graduate/drop out." That won't work out.

"I'm going to the local community college to get my paramedic's certification."
by Teacher of Mushy Minds February 16, 2012
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A place where you can get college credit for less money and then transfer over to a real college after you complete a bunch of required courses and then you get your degree.
Dumbass: "Pshh, community college is for dumb people, I go to a state school"

Smart Community College Student: "I'm getting the same credit for way less money, good luck with all that extra owed money on loans dipshit."
by tony acuna's mom February 20, 2008
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