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where your parents send you when your bad in public school. where all the kids just waiting to be corrputed go. where the teachers pretend to be your friend just to find out your secrets, then tell the other teachers behind your back and get you in deep shit. where if theres a new hot guy, hes claimed within minutes. where some students, would get drunk or high before, during or after school, especially before soccer and B-ball games. where there are secret cigg breaks during lunch. where rumors get spread within seconds. where the teachers tell you that your going to hell almost everyday.
Where the only teachers that the kids like are the ones who had a drug-related past. and last but not least..its where you learn about the Bible everyday and you still dont know a DAMN thing.
uhh yea i go to community christian school, pass that blunt
by ccsGrad December 09, 2006
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