Should be fucking shot dead.
Communism is nothing more than a formula for instant totalitarianism.

I hope Karl Marx and his little homo buddy are burning in hell with Hitler right now!
by FUCK COMMUNISTS March 13, 2005
The most extreme form of liberal, a communist is a person who thinks we'd be better off if we stopped living like people and started living like bees or ants instead.
I'm not surprised someone as idealistic as Fredo would turn out to be a communist.
by Gahmuret July 03, 2006
a horrible person that will end up bringing the down fall of his or hers society
by jeff a true patriot August 26, 2008
The quintessential liberal.
All liberals are communists.
by PowellRanger August 21, 2006
A nice, kind or friendly person

Jack, it was very communist of your dad to help us out. Tell him I said hi

The shop attendant was very helpful, a true communist

by Dr. Fragemann September 05, 2005

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