Someone who believes "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." - Karl Marx This fallacy falls apart when all communists finally snap to the fact that if their need exceeds their ability they should be able to eat without working (also see socialist, democrat).
"Those kids are a bunch of communists." in reference to a bunch of slackers all living in the same apartment who believe "someone" is supposed to go buy food.
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
Another name for a Democrat.
A President firing the owner of a company, that's pretty communist
by TheEnlightenedOne May 18, 2009
People who took the teachings of socialism too far, and too a point where it was so restrictive they were unable to install a democracy and had to combine the socialist system with a dictatorship.
Assorted Revolutionaries: Lets Make a Socialist state!
All: OK!
All: Oops!!!
by aSocialist October 08, 2003
(Rare): Person who strongly believes in the Policies of Communism, such as Lenin or Marx.

(Uncommon): Some bored, computer addicted Aryan who read a 2 paragraph definition of communism, and now wants the whole world to convert to it, by saying "Peace, justice, and freedom" on the internet. An example are Liberals or Democrats.

(Common): Some 13-25 year old dude who saw a video of a parade from the Soviet Union on youtube, and now goes to school wearing a Che Shirt. Such as Sam Webb or Andres.
Communists, Rare, Uncommon or common, are all a bunch of crazy Mo- Fos.
by Simba The Lion July 22, 2009
See "Obama"
"Dude, did you hear about that communist we just elected president?"

"Yeah, I know, it sucks."
by An Unsatisfied Customer April 20, 2010
1)Barrack Obama
2)Joe Biden (Idiot)
3)Eric Holder
4)Timothy Geitner
5)Janet Napolitano
6)Nancy Pelosi
7)Ben Burnanke

And of Course... Van Jones the "Green Jobs Czar"
Person 1: "Oh, so did you hear Obama wants to host the Olympics in his hometown of Chicago?"

Person 2: "Yeah if I was an aspiring communist dictator I would like to make my hometown famous too"
by Blowbama October 08, 2009
Barack Hussein Obama
a communist is a black guy who wants health care for all the illegal immigrants
by obama sucks ass and is stupid September 12, 2009

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