People believe that communism is not having to work for your money. This is wrong, a Communist State is when people are forced to work for their Government. They get paid through distributed food and get given a house. Most houses are not much different in communism everyone has the same thing. Most telecom is disabled so you cannot have communication with other country's to know wether or not their is a better country out their. So the only thing you were born with and know is Communism.
United Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R) Communist
by DrunkenCosmonaut March 28, 2013
One who doesn't like space jam.
I don't think Michael Jordan saved the loony toons.

Yeah he did do you not like space jam you communist, anti-American?
by Guy Fieri is Jesus July 19, 2015
A word that Fox News and many conservatives use to describe someone on the left of the political spectrum.
Obama got into office? Well, I guess America is a COMMUNIST SH*THOLE now!
by thew4tchd0ge July 31, 2016
A person who is critical about the humility, fairness or sharefulness of others.
If you were to express pleasure about success or good qualities you have, why some people tend to criticize you of being arrogant? Perhaps they are communists. Communism is based on the fundamental of being levelled with one another.
by Beans the Cat November 06, 2011
A believer; specifically in a political-economic religion. Identical to fascist, fundamentalist, maoist, capitalist, banker. Believes most humans can contribute equally except those who contribute nothing, in which case they form the 'Blessed Leadership'.
Wishes to replace one form of expolitation with another to prove the point.
Believes in 'The State' but not in the 'individual'.
Doesn't believe in God but does believe in Gold (Spot the difference?> That's right!; there's 'L' in gold). Against natural law, believes opposites repel and, therefore, finds freedom confusing, worrisome & always dangerous.
Joyfully celebrates success by parading earth-cracking weapons from time-to-time and then explodes them, rendering large parts of the world uninhabitable.
Famous communist experiments in equality:
In the Soviet Union, everbody queued.
In China, everyone has the same haircut.
In Tibet, everyone is beaten regularly.
In Albania & Zimbabwe, everyone is dog-poor.
In the European Union they are preparing to queue, have the same haircut, be beaten regularly & become dog-poor.
by Hedley Clubnobber August 28, 2006
Usually used when one dislikes or disagrees with something.
Me: My boss is making me work on Christmas...

Friend: Dude, that's fucking communist!


Me: My school doesn't get Thanksgiving off...

Friend: WTF? Your school must be communist!
by CrustyGibs November 21, 2010
a term used by the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego and other fanatical former South Vietnam veterans to slander, insult, accuse, demean, put down anyone else whom they hate and with whom they disagree with.

a curse word equivalent in intensity to the "f" word
the Vietnamese language classes taught in American universities are led by communist instructors.

Young community leaders are all communists.

If you do charity work in Vietnam, you are a communist.

Your grandfather's neighbor's cousin's baby-sitter was a vietcong, so you're a communist.

You painted the yellow flag with 3 red stripes onto the bottom of a wash basin as an artistic gift to your mother, you are a communist.

The rich businesses are the communists.

The Vietnam Reform Party, VietTan is communist
by VietFed April 23, 2009
A naughty little linux-using vegetarian who has a hard time controlling the ball in ping-pong.
As his concentration was diverted from the ping-pong paddle to the piece of banana bread in his other hand, his opponent, with his superior backhand, gave him one of his signature slices. The communist, with particles of banana spewing from his mouth, attempted, but to no avail, to return the deadly shot. Embarrassed and humiliated, the only consolation that he could take from this crucial match was that instead of missing the ball entirely, he did an "Andrew", which means accidentally hitting the ball under the table.
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