People believe that communism is not having to work for your money. This is wrong, a Communist State is when people are forced to work for their Government. They get paid through distributed food and get given a house. Most houses are not much different in communism everyone has the same thing. Most telecom is disabled so you cannot have communication with other country's to know wether or not their is a better country out their. So the only thing you were born with and know is Communism.
United Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R) Communist
by DrunkenCosmonaut March 28, 2013
1) (rare) one who strives to attain the ideals of communism (see cako's spot-on definition)

2) (common) impotent jibe intended to put down a non-like-minded person. Insult had some impact during the Cold War-era, but so did Styx.
1) True communists are idealists who truly believe humans can transcend selfishness. Then the weed wears off.

2) There is a 99.5% chance that Rush Limbaugh would call you a communist.
by The Evil Steve August 10, 2005
Someone who becomes sexually aroused at the thought of a massive, central government controlling the means of production in a given society.
"Dude, that guy's a Communist!"

"Wow, what a fag...I'll bet he gets off to pictures of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin in his spare time."
by cheez1234 July 27, 2009
Then: Scary, godless cult working with Soviet Russia to take away our freedom

Now: Cynical fifteen-year-olds with an Internet connection
There's no reason to be scared of communists anymore.
by sslrhskldsgdsgleglkse September 10, 2013
CommUniSt (noun)- A deluded moron who thinks Harmony and Peace in society can be achieved by Violence, who mispropogates the meaning of "rights" as snatching and stealing, often by coercion and subjugation, who dreams to rule and govern by Brainwashing, raining hatred and oppression on the minds of good citizens thus dividing an otherwise egalitarian and harmonious society just to glorify their political agenda ridden with outdated, unwarranted and cobweb ideologies, and who have the sole criminal and cunning mindset to be able to convert even a "Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry" to "Fagwarts school of douchebaggery, tomfoolery and fudgery"!
See there, a group of guys are protesting half naked before chancellor's office demanding an explanation for unauthorized usage of their identity in "who let the dogs out!". They are called CommUniSts.
by Yajur May 19, 2014
A political and economic system that rejects the concept of personal ownership of property in favour of having all the wealth in the government's hands, and supplying necessary, and possibly luxury, goods to the population according to the individual's, and the mass's, needs.

This system is inefficient on a larger scale because of greediness and sloth, as in, many people taking more than they need and giving less than they can, although in a Kibbutz, or commune, this system is fairly efficient when coupled with some lenience regarding personal property (As in, allowing the capitalist based system of currency, but still keeping the economy run exclusively by the Kibbutz or commune management).
"To each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" ~ Exert from the Communist Manifesto.

The communist party garners the working class vote through promises of equality.

The communists are overthrowing the capitalist government.
by Tanktunker February 02, 2007
A communist can be religious. In fact, they usually are!

They believe that a society in which assets are state owned is practicle, and would actually work out and help the residents of a country.

Well, most of them believe that. Some believe that it's a way for them to gain power.

And really, that's all Communism is about. Power.

But communists will continue to go about trying to achieve something which would only be socially devistating. And they'll do whatever they can to try and achieve it, hurting anyone who comes in their way. See: End justifies the means.
Sean the communist was trying to convert a few people at his workplace to communism. One guy objected to the idea, and that guy was subsequently fired.
by I'm definitely not a communist January 15, 2010
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