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Needs Less Stalin, needs less greed for it to work properly.

Also means communal ownership of everything.
Damnit, I feel like I could sure use some Communism right now.
by Templar895 October 08, 2005
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A political system invented by Karl Marx which holds no basis in reality. Marx theorized that a so-called worker's revolution would occur, a socialist government would take place, and the eventual dissolution of the state and property would occur. The system notably failed in almost every country in which it was implemented, save for a few that learned to ignore communist economics altogether (China).

Apologists of the theory commonly argue that, if implemented correctly and man's nature were to be reformed, communism would be the ideal political philosophy; the ultimate utopia. That notion is simply wrong. A simple logical analysis:

1. If everyone were equal, there would be no motivation for elevating oneself in society.

2. Motivation to better oneself has been the main source of innovation throughout history.

3. If everyone were equal, innovation would be at a minimum.

4. If innovation would be at a minimum, technological and scholastic advancement would not occur.

5. If advancement would not occur, we'd be stuck in the past for elongated periods of time.

So no, political ignoramuses. True communism would be terrible, just like "distorted" communism. Let's leave it to the history books.

Some random hippie: WOW Communism in its true form would be great, screw capitalism!

Someone who's educated: No. Not really.
by LuckyLuciano November 04, 2007
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An economic systen the claims to support workers, yet oddly enough all the workers seem to get shot or starve under the system. Usually advocated by people who don't actually live in Communist countries and have never taken an economic class before. Despite the fact that there are communist countries in the world,they don't bother moving to one.
He was shot because he didn't let the communists "redstribute" his land so they could let the people "share" it.
by SomeoneElsePW May 29, 2005
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Conceptualized system of human social organization based on the gradual eradication of economic classes through the ages. Because everyone would belong to the same class, it is believed that economic resources and power would as well be equally dispersed throughout society.

So called experiments in communism have been nothing more than mere popular uprisings, replacing the current monopolists on economic resources and political power with a new class of social elite.
Stinks like Communism.
by Rich White Racist Jew April 09, 2003
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A system of government that favors mediocrity, and destroys innovation. Advocated by the extreme zealot liberals who get it into their heads that being wealthy is a "bad" thing.

Everyone does a half-assed job in everything they do (if they work at all) because there is NO incentive to do it well or compete with anyone else. The idea of an enlighted man doing it for the betterment of society is a pipe dream. No one is that big of a tool.
Communism - A friend of mine roomed with a communist and he mooched food, art supplies, and used his stuff without asking. This commi's greatest aspiration is life was to become homeless, because "it's better than having to sell your labor."
by Rynoth December 09, 2007
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A form of government that sounds fair (like sharing your leftover sandwich with some bum on the street) but often is just hijacked by a small group of elites who promise that the poor lazy types will get to take the property and wealth of the enterprising rich types. In the end history records them as jagoffs: Stalin, Castro, Kim Il Sung, Mao Tse Tug, Ho Chi Minh were all "Communists" that in real life were probably among the richest people on earth... now how could that possibly happen in a "Communist" country?
Communism makes people feel compassion for their fellow man but there has yet to be a TRUE Communist state even attempted. Though to be honest if I were in a TRUE Communist state I sure wouldn't work very hard, cause really, why should I? I'm owed stuff by my Communist government. Gimme!
by snausages333 October 21, 2006
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The very definition of failure.
Communism is the very definition of failure.
by MrHappyGuy April 26, 2010
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