A really really incredibly amazingly fantastically stupid idea. only good for the rulers of the communist state. look where it got russia and cuba.
Person One: Communism is stupid
Person Two: Damn straight
Person Three: Well i think communism is great idea! All the equality to show how we rea-
Person on to Person Two: Thanks for shanking that mother fucker. I can only stand so much bullshit in one day.
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
Eh, Coulda worked...
Russia with communism was wierd, Russia without communism sucks.
by qwert April 22, 2005
Politically correct term for Tyranny,Oligarchy,Slavery.

Communism is instant Oligarchy,instant Tyranny,instant Slavery,instant mass murder and genocide.
Communism is instant Dictatorship!!
by FUCK COMMUNISM November 09, 2004
on paper: SLAVERY

in practice: GENOCIDE
Communism is pure evil.
by communism can rot in hell November 09, 2004
The way modern Democrats think the United States should be ran.
Democrats want to take all your money and give you what they think you need.
by common sense September 29, 2003
A system that while it may work with some modification, is too unstable in today's greed obsessed world.
Communism failed because it banned business and religion. What idiot does that? Business and religion have always been the most powerful forces of society.
by Eddy August 19, 2003
The Best Form Of Government
Communism Is Awesome, Capitalism Sucks
by 11 year old March 09, 2005
AKA : dictatorship
"Communist nations are dictatorships these days. This is because communism is such a pain that there will always be a form of corruption. There will always be someone who will fight the communist powers, and will ultimately use his newfound freedom, and almighty power, to rule the nation as he pleases.......all this is why communism is evil."
by Dave June 14, 2004

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