A personality trait that allows a person to disconcern the obvious from what they see or do. Unfortunately, too many people lack this basic personality trait and it leads them to make stupid decisions which they pathetically try to justify. Their are also people who lacks common sense and is, for some reason, proud of it.

Most common type of people who lack common sense: Liberals, feminists, school kids, family court judges, judges presiding over litigation cases, fatasses who blame their obesity on others, most of Hollywood, PETA activists, morons who blame their parents when they fuck up, etc etc.
Common Sense - Washing your hands on a certain basis to avoid illness.

No Common Sense - Walking across the street in the face of oncoming traffic during a green light.


Common Sense - Going to college in preparation for adult life.

No Common Sense - Having premarital sex without protection.
by BusinessMan May 15, 2005
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