A strong, inherit knowledge of the obvious. The lack of which is a key force in driving evolution.
Common sense told Jim that leaping into oncoming traffic was a bad idea.
by Zhypoh April 01, 2004
the least common of all senses
example example example example
by nobody September 09, 2004
Something that everybody viewing this page seems to lack.
Use your common sense to define common sense, idiots!
by kikumbob February 13, 2006
Fuckin rapper, with a classic song : Resurrection, was called Common Sense a long time ago until these people sued him for it cuz he "stole their name". He is no known as Common. Lets get his next album comin soon, called BE or sumthing. ELECTRIC CIRCUS SUCKED!
umm um um um um um um yeah, whys he bald? um um um yeah
by roy July 08, 2004
Dead and buired, with grubs consuming it's flesh.

"There is a chalk outline being drawn around common sense, and most people cannot even identify the victim."
-Dennis Miller
Lackers of common sense: liberals, teachers unions, communists, socialists, 99.8% of Hollywood, those who suscribe to the National Enquierer, the Media, 9/10ths of Junior High School children, people arrested for trespassing, 3/4ths of people on the road, the postal system, the people who's stunts actually manage to get the words "Don't put genitles in hose" on vaccum cleaners, liberal arts and philosophy majors, 100% of the government, those who dine on puffer fish, judges who actually take cases for morons who burn themselves on coffee and sue the resteraunt, the jury who accqutted OJ, those who wrapped their homes in duct-tape post 9/11, high school dropouts, people who use the rhythm method, people who attempted to masturbate with a freshly baked pie, anybody that went to see a Tom Green movie, those who order a diet coke with supersize burgers and fries, and finally, those who think John Kerry can win in November.
by X-S~ July 02, 2004
Gay ass, no name ska band from California who sued an MC of that same name over copyright infringement.
Everyone knows who Common Sense the rapper is, but no one can remember who Common Sense the ska band was.
by Omega Death December 29, 2004
I still don't know why in English it's called "common" sense, apparently some guy was optimist while calling it that. In my tongue (Italian) it's known as "good" sense.

Anyway, it's the ability to understand things that "are obvious" only to people WITH common sense. This sense is not that "common", look at how many people vote liberal, are communists despite what happened to Russia, and so on. The list is long folks...

Not to be confounded with "intelligence" aka I.Q. A scientists probably doesn't know what the FUCK is going on next door to him and if he sees a green light across a street full of cars he starts crossing.

Common sense alone, when spoken out loud makes people who lack common sense idiots, because for a moment they realize how stupid they really are. "You probably shouldn't have bought that many weed to sell in the street, now the cops busted you". "If you didn't get in the car so drunk you wouldn't have had the crash". And so on.

When people lack common sense they start a process of saying bullshit one after another and will go on forever because they lack insight (this "common sense"). This is known as "philosophy", or as getting out of college to become a musician of some sort and being proud of "not caring about money". When having common sense, little or no thinking ahead are required. You just do what you have to do, what you see is right. If something falls, you pick it up. If there's a problem, you solve it. If something doesn't work, you don't use it ever again.

The whole umanity could be divided between people who have "common sense" and people who don't. They develop in opposites directions, do things the other half thinks it's "stupid".

In my experience common sense is NOT a present from experience or even external influence. Sure it gets better with time, but I've seen too many morons with a decade of moron experience and they still don't get it. Either you're born with it or you're not. Good nice people have communist children. How sad. Go figure...

And common sense does NOT have colours or a fixed ideology. You normally would thing it's a right-conservative thing but I wouldn't have voted retarded bush for the second time. It simply is the right thing to do. Period.

Heavily suggested book: the Art of War by Sun Tzu.
A guy who for many years keeps throwing away his whole salary in less than a week to do lines then has to get dumped by a stupid bitch he calls "girlfriend" to realize what was going on.

Being 23 and still criticizing "capitalism as it exploits the poor".

Any stupid dumbass woman who thinks I ever loved her when she couldn't realize I fucking HATE ignorant people.

People who do heroin.

And so much many more people lacking common sense...
by Poor Sucka February 05, 2007
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