1. "Common sense" is something that is no longer "common"; it may have been bred out by rednecks, white supremacists, haters, or plain old "common folk". Maybe it is just ignored as an attempted stand against authority, maybe it is a product of anti-evolution, an anti-sensible change brought about by genetically inept breeding.
EX: Lacking common sense is exemplified by kids run around with sharp scissors or knives, walk in the middle of the road and FULLY EXPECT you to move out of their way - as if the sidewalk needs to be defined on this site before they can figure out that it is to be used by them, and that VEHICLES use the road, stupid parents that don't care, and don't care to know where their kids are lack common sense, drinking and driving. buzz driving, playing Russian Roulette, acceptance of Ebonics as a dialect or urban language is due to a lack of common sense by those who decided it was easier to give up than to teach their students properly, etc... The list goes on and on...

EX 2: It used to be common sense to do a courtesy flush but now when you walk into a bathroom stall (stall) you can't even breath b/c some iggit dropped a bomb sized turd into the toilette and did not flush it. Common sense is something that used to be prevalent in society, as a whole, but through time has diminished greatly for whatever reason.

EX 3: A great example of the lack of common sense is some person looking this definition up as "common cents", as I have heard it referred to, and ironically, I have seen it spelled that way.
by IrishDaddy2U April 18, 2010
Common Sense: a general state of being in which the absurdity of life and people stuff seem holy transparant.
(it can also be used in a category of words like ethics and stuff like that.)
"Isn't there anything sacred anymore? Totally common sense!

"It's common sense. No, you can't eat it or that."
by good attention July 04, 2013
Simple logic. Something that liberals, Communists, Socialists, and most teenagers lack.
Do not stick your penis in the oven.
Do not let psychotic dictators attack you before you remove them from power.
Do not steal from people who earned their money and give it to people who didn't.
by CeLL June 30, 2004
The complete act of saying "Fuck it" and walking away. Careless, selfish behavior. Logical thinking for the masses.
I should fix that ladder. Fuck it! I will leave it for the next guy.

I should let that person in front of me. Fuck it. I am more important.

I should pay my bills. Fuck it!... To the beer store.

Sweet! I am home early... and i got beer. I should use common sense more often.
by New world thinking September 27, 2014
What anyone who reinacts any stunt from "Jackass" lacks.
It's sad that some people are so incredibly stupid that they reinact shit like that.
by amethyst April 19, 2005
the least common of all senses
example example example example
by nobody September 09, 2004

A strong, inherit knowledge of the obvious. The lack of which is a key force in driving evolution.
Common sense told Jim that leaping into oncoming traffic was a bad idea.
by Zhypoh April 01, 2004

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