pamphlet written by Thomas Paine when the Constitution was originally written
common sence can be found at your local library
by bryan November 13, 2004
what 85% of both adults and kids lack
I'm trying to get through the line at starbucks, and the person up at the front is just standing there chatting with the person behind him/her instead of ordering his/her drink or food

frontline person:"ya i was watching the news the otherdat"

Me:"person is holding up the line and has no commonsense!"
by Chillice May 17, 2015
Something that isn't very common.
Let's put it this way: You don't have common sense.
by PrtyGrl138 April 30, 2015
Common Sense: a general state of being in which the absurdity of life and people stuff seem holy transparant.
(it can also be used in a category of words like ethics and stuff like that.)
"Isn't there anything sacred anymore? Totally common sense!

"It's common sense. No, you can't eat it or that."
by good attention July 04, 2013
Simple logic. Something that liberals, Communists, Socialists, and most teenagers lack.
Do not stick your penis in the oven.
Do not let psychotic dictators attack you before you remove them from power.
Do not steal from people who earned their money and give it to people who didn't.
by CeLL June 30, 2004
The complete act of saying "Fuck it" and walking away. Careless, selfish behavior. Logical thinking for the masses.
I should fix that ladder. Fuck it! I will leave it for the next guy.

I should let that person in front of me. Fuck it. I am more important.

I should pay my bills. Fuck it!... To the beer store.

Sweet! I am home early... and i got beer. I should use common sense more often.
by New world thinking September 27, 2014

A strong, inherit knowledge of the obvious. The lack of which is a key force in driving evolution.
Common sense told Jim that leaping into oncoming traffic was a bad idea.
by Zhypoh April 01, 2004

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