(1) A body of knowledge that a person believes everyone knows or should know.

(2) A conclusion or series of conclusions that a person believes anyone can draw by assessing a situation.

(3) The ability of a person to see what another person thinks is obvious.
Weeds are bad for your vegetables. That's just common sense.
by BnnB December 29, 2009
bunch of bullshit, used to support all sorts of bullshit, bigotry and hate (anti-gay, anti-black rights, women's rights over history). It deals with social skills (know when to talk, when to shut up, how to have fun (but not act like a fool), how to walk, how to talk, etc. Just bullshit.

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
-Albert Einstein

"Fuck your common sense"
by Lee McKinnis February 08, 2006
a rapper. now known as common.
common's last album was "electric circus."
by MmMmM May 24, 2004
When someone can solve a problem by just using the brains in their head and putting two and two together. Since not many people now a days can have this ability, it is more of less a superpower.
"Woah, you used common sense? You must be like freaking batman! :o"
by GayHorse :P May 22, 2014
Refers to the ability to "critically reason," however, this system is flawed just like any logic-based system is.
Common sense, crtical reasoning, and logic are only as good as the premises for which you base them.
by Lon May 17, 2005
A concept that people rely upon in order to avoid having to justify their opinions.
Common sense dictates that if it is hot outside, you should not wear long sleeves.
by RickC84 December 14, 2014
pamphlet written by Thomas Paine when the Constitution was originally written
common sence can be found at your local library
by bryan November 13, 2004

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