A phrase used by someone who wants any critical analysis of what they are saying to stop immediately.
"Global warming can't exist because it was cold last winter. That's just common sense."
by Al Benedict June 11, 2009
something most people don't have.
more of the world doesn't have common sense,
than people in the world that do have it.
it's something that should explain itself.
common sense only tells you that you should know what common sense is.
by brittany hillman. April 10, 2008
The amount of sense possessed by the least sensible person.
Government should do a damned-site better than common sense solutions!
by TYuk March 19, 2010
It was announced today that Common Sense passed away last night in her sleep. Common Sense has been bed-ridden for the past several years as a result of severe atrophy from lack of use. Common sense was preceeded in death by her mother, personal accountability, and father, integrity.
Bob is a card carrying member of the ACSU... the American Common Sense Union.
by scorekeeper June 27, 2004
1) The sense of logical reasoning and problem solving skills as applied to practical situations that all inteligent beings should and usually do have. Whether they actually use it is another issue.

2)A pamphlet written by none other than Thomas Paine prior to the American Revolution. It railed against British policies in it's colonies, and got many colonists (the intelligent and/or educated ones who could read, anyway) to question British rule of America. This, of course, was yet another paving stone on the road to revolution and the creation of the United States of America as we know it today.
1) "You don't need education to know that's stupid... just use your common sense."

2) The man read Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Then, he decided to go burn his stamps and not buy any more British tea.
by bluesmobile February 01, 2006
Knowledge that is common only amongst those who have some...
It's common sense (c.s.)...

-Not to tailgate. (Not c.s. if you've never ran into someone else's trunk.)
-Not to lean over a rail. (Not c.s. if you haven't leaned over and busted your face before.)
-Not to feed the wild animals. (Not c.s. unless you're missing a hand or two.)
by Ace Shot May 05, 2009
Knowledge that is "sensed" to be true by everyone, but results in most believing the world is flat. Tends to be an overused excuse by pseudo-intellectuals to prove their own vapid points.
John: "I can't belive Kelly failed her test. She studied and everything..."

Tommy: "But she's blonde. Everyone knows blondes are ridiculously stupid. It's just common sense."

John: "What?"
by That Person Who's Wrong. February 19, 2010

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