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a) A trashy dressed woman who is out looking to get picked up. Related to a lyric by the Commodores, because the woman in question is "easy like Sunday morning"

b) A slut

c) A girl/woman only out looking to get laid
"Man, that girl is a straight-up Commodore!"
"What you mean by that?"
"She is easy like Sunday morning!"
by TonyJ621 May 21, 2013
2 1
A straight, married military man who has many qualities that are associated with homosexuality (love of ABBA, wearing smart clothes, a fetish for wearing uniforms, etc). Must be too old to be a meterosexual.

Named for the highest ranking member of the IMDb Farenheit 9/11 message board, who is a Commodore in the Royal Navy.
"I know this great guy; you should hook up with him"
"I'm a Commodore, I'm not gay"
by Norbert Dentrissential February 27, 2005
17 33
commodore was in canada? i swear it was british considering all the games made for it.

commodore did indeed make the c64. once i had a c64. i was young and an idiot less sharp than a spoon and i got rid of it. i would do anything now for a c64.
bill: i got rid of my c64 and got $50 for it
pill: what are you an idiot c64's are awesome did u kno they were made by commodore
by unusu-al October 10, 2003
13 35
An australian car that can easily drag off and do better burnouts than the crappy japanese imports that cost 4 times the price. They also look heaps better,and can get easily 500,000 killometers miles out of an engine despite being thrashed by young, irrisponsible drivers.
Shit why did i buy this shitty ricer. i could have got a comi and spent the rest on hookers and beer
by captain bananaman August 15, 2005
84 138
A very nice car, manufactured by Holden. Kicks the crap out of Fords.
Finally i trashed my piece of shit XD Falcon for a brand new VY Commodore SS
by Holden rocks September 12, 2003
82 164
Australia's favourite car. Currently the most popular car sold in Australia, due to the fact that it is faster, and more refined than its main competitor, the Ford Falcon.
The drivers that won Bathurst for the last two years in a row were driving VY Commodores.
by Someone Else March 16, 2005
62 151
A car manufactured by GM to cover the family car market. However they broke into the sports market woth the SSS and clubsports boasting alot of power at the wheels to beat the Jap imports. (also see I. S. racing
by Overcast March 20, 2003
37 126