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In the 1970s congress changed russian dressing to commie sauce because they are idiots, see freedom fries
Pass me some of that commie sauce
by EthanTheMightyCheese May 09, 2003
The change from Communism into the Russia's sauce because some fucker from in the system thought it was...

A.) A smart idea, that only they would think of.
B.) Or a way to give a hobo on thier government steps a good laugh.
Guy: How 'bout we prove our supreme knowledge and try make Russia look like fuckfaces at the same time?!!
Secretary: Wouldn't that be hard? After all you're sloshed, dude!

President: THE NEW Commie sauce! In a local brand-market near you! Try it and you can almost TASTE how fucking dumb our congress is!!
by Phatal May 24, 2003