From the French which translates to "like this, like that" which in English can be "this way, that way". I've heard this used to describe questionable sexual orientation. Pronounced coom-see coom-sah.
"That's a nice pink shirt, bud. You a little comme ci, comme ca?"
by MacWhiz1 January 12, 2008
Top Definition
From French "comme ci, comme ça" (literally "like this, like that"), meaning "so so", not really good nor bad.
Q: "How's it going with the insurance?"
A: "Comme ci, comme ça... they're paying for the damage, but keep dragging on."

Q: "How are you?"
A: "Comme ci, comme ça... haven't slept much the last couple of days."

Q: "There! My extra-special burger!! How do you like it?"
A: "Erm... Comme ci, comme ça. It's got too much pickles!"
by MidnightCreations April 21, 2015
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