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The point in sexual pleasure when a man discharges semen, a thick white liquid, from the penis. When a woman is coming, her clitoris, or clit, releases a clear liquid that provides lubrication for the vaginal penetration of the male genitals.
Example #1 "Oh God, I'm coming!! Quick, grab your sugar stick and fuck me."

Example #2 When Cheyenne was masturbating, she started coming when she saw two lesbians pull off the number sixty-nine.

Example #3 "Oh yesss.., I'm coming. Hey baby, do you want some of this homemade whip topping?"
by Hannah Chandler October 21, 2007
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Having a rapturous moment.
"Ah, God's prick and balls!" cried Curval, "I'm happier than He, for I'm coming."
by Kev Corwin February 25, 2008

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