Lazy slang for "Come here".
Yo, comere for a second.
by Dayum-Rite June 01, 2013
Top Definition
(come-'ere) a slang combination of "come" and here. It is used in casual situations, and is derived from the fact that some people speak quickly and just combine "come" and "here" naturally.
"comere kid"
" why dont u jsut comere and tell me instead of yelling 'cross the room!"
by hendrixxxx92<3 August 13, 2007
Come here
Hey Jennifer, co'mere and take this picture for Jake and I.
by Dr.Urbonics August 11, 2010
A phrase used by child molesters, or other shady figures, while chasing someone down to either rape them or touch them.
Old Man: "Comere, I'm gonna getcha!"
Little Kid: "No! You have your own!"
by Baousabs mcNab April 18, 2011
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