Someone on the up and up, expected to succeed.
He was flying up through the ranks, a comer, making rapid progress in the crime hierarchy.
by sevenhn March 08, 2006
Top Definition
Meaning "to fuck", though in normal use meaning "to eat"

Vou comer seu cu

I'm going to fuck you in the ass
by Henk121178 January 23, 2007
Someone, esp. a woman, who emits rather loud vocalizations during orgasm

Also: A woman that is able to give herself, or be enabled to experience, multiple orgasms
He brags how his next-door neighbors leave their windows open at night because his latest girlfriend is a comer.

The woman confided in her closest friends how she learned the night before that she was multi-orgasmic, but that day her boyfriend announced to anyone within earshot that she was a comer.

by V. Cummings August 01, 2006
comer1 (Kohm-Er)
1. The worst type of female in existance.
2. Known for doing the stupid Soulja Boy dance.
3. A slang term originated in Ireland for the tallest human being on earth.
1. Man, my woman dumped me, shes such a comer!
2. YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU suck at the soulja boy dance, comer.
3. My god, its a bird, its a plane, its, a giant woman! Shes such a comer!
by Rick Barba November 14, 2007
Any place to run down homies
yo dogg lets go run down homies at the comer
by Bill May 13, 2003
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