The action of a female who proceeds to have sexual intercourse with another. If a female is considered a slut she will naturally come off it much easier than someone who sucks and sits on it.
"Jennifer is really hot, but does she come off it?"

"Hey bitch, you comin' off that pussy or what?"
by A-Slam September 05, 2007
Top Definition
disagreeing with something someone has just said. quite litterally "no way" or "get out of town", "get the fuck out" "get out" "take off"... you get the idea.
"oh my god i'm like sooooooooo fat."
"oh, come off it."
by missanthropy February 15, 2006
A very Cockney (East-London Slang) phrase, used to express rejection or disbelief. It can also used in a friendly way.
"You're an idiot."
"Come off it!!!"
by NoStringsOnJay March 25, 2016
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