Verb. When a company or person commits to deliver a solution and or meet you at a specific time or window and ends up delivering or arriving sometime shortly after that time / window.

To be comcasted'ed, or I commonly comcast.
Would you like t o setup your service from 8-12 or 12-4? 8-12 please. When they show up at 1:00 after requesting the 8-12 they have comcasted you.
by Swotz April 30, 2010
It began with the creation of the great cable providers. Many were given to the people of the US, but they were all of them deceived. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a master cable provider, to control all others and into, he poured his cruelty, his malice, and and the worst fucking customer service imaginable, its name was Comcast. One by one respectable cable providers fell to the power of the Comcast. But there were some who resisted. A last alliance of Disgruntled customers and AT&T employees marched against the tyranny of Comcast and in the parking lot of Comcast's headquarters they fought for the right to choose a respectable cable service.
Comcast must be destroyed before its evil consumes the world.
by Satan's Almighty Penis July 27, 2014
Pejorative, in honor of the infamous cable provider. Used to describe someone who treats everyone with utter contempt and goes to incredible lengths to inconvenience and even sabotage everyone they're involved with in any and every way possible. Denies any responsibility for doing so.
1. Tim is such a giant comcast, why are we even friends with him?

2. "John, you comcast! I know you're stealing money from me!"
*denies taking any money*
"Dude I saw you do it."
"Well ok, I was just providing a service. Your wallet is lighter now, isn't it?"
"Gimme my money back, you fucking comcast!"
by Hodor123 March 05, 2015
Its the new "C" word, meaning to Go Fuck Yourself
Hey, I accidently gave you guys a check that was meant for someone else. Please refund that.
LoL... Comcast

by GOFURSELF February 12, 2015
Adds $200 cable package to your bill without permission when you never had or wanted cable and dont even own a cable box. Then tells you they dont know how it got on your bill, assures they will remove the mystery charge and then only credits you $50
Youve paid comcast $40 a month for internet only for a few years then you get a bill for $240 for the biggest cable package they offer and you dont even have a cable box. You call and they tell you you owe $600 for back charges!?! Wtf
by enter_text_here April 03, 2015
A large corporation of dumbass cocksuckers who want to steal your money and give you shit service. In early 2012, they added a type of program to where you have a data cap. Yes, a data cap. A data cap of 300GBs. This data cap is easy to go over with things such as streaming, downloading things, etc. Every 1GB you go over, you have to pay $10. This shitty company is a monopoly and they don't give two single shits about you. If you live in the states: Alabama; Tucson, Arizona; Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah, Georgia; Central Kentucky; Maine; Jackson, Mississippi; Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; and Charleston, South Carolina, you are absolutely fucked internet-wise. Fuck you Comcast, you dumb fucking cunts!
Person 1: Hey dude, did you get your internet bill?

Person 2: Yes I did.

Person 1: How much was it in total?

Person 2: Oh, umm, let me check. Oh yeah, it was around $300.

Person 1: Really? Why so much?

Person 2: Because Comcast is a cocksucking, money-stealing, monopoly corporation who doesn't give a shit about their customers and their well-being.

Person 1: Lol, rekt, I have DirectTV.
by Joseph Adolf Hitler Stalin March 01, 2015
A piece of shit that won't let me play league of legends without using a 9 foot dildo to fuck me in the asshole. While i play i will disconnect 9 times and in between those times I will be anally fucked in the ass by comcast so deep to where the head of comcasts dick will come out my mouth.
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